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Athletic, electrifying

and powerfully uncommon

Athletic, electrifying and powerfully uncommon

This all-electric SUV sports an athletic, progressive design that forecasts the incredible capability under the surface. The stance is wide and planted, the ground clearance is high and mighty, and the overall impact is one of dynamic capability. The bold front fascia incorporates striking C-shaped LED headlight clusters, and the stylish rear fascia features similarly shaped LED tail lights. This electrified SUV has a generous glass area, while the Technology package includes a panoramic fixed glass roof for an even brighter perspective. Overall, the shape of the 2024 Subaru Solterra is designed to carve the wind, creating a whisper-quiet, ultra-efficient and downright cool silhouette.

Close-up shot of 2024 Solterra heated, power adjustable side mirror.

Heated Power-Adjustable Mirrors

These aerodynamically sculpted side mirrors are shaped to reduce wind noise, engineered for maximum visibility, and heated to drive away fog and frost. The mirrors are foldable to help the Solterra fit into tight spaces, while the Luxury and Technology packages include a power-folding function and integrated LED turn signals. These packages also include LED puddle lamps and a passenger-side reverse tilt mirror function to boost convenience, comfort and safety.

Panoramic Glass Roof

Available with the Technology package, this panoramic glass roof provides spectacular views of the sky above and helps make the passenger cabin feel brighter, airier and roomier. To help keep interior temperatures in check, the power retractable shade opens and closes in a flash.

Close-up shot of 2024 Solterra panoramic glass roof.
Image of 2024 Solterra power liftgate.

Power Liftgate

Included in the Luxury and Technology packages, this innovative liftgate features auto-close and auto-close and lock functions, an integrated safety sensor that detects objects in its path and a stop-position memory function to set the opening height. The power liftgate can be operated using the key fob, allowing for quick and easy access to the cargo area.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

There are two distinctive aluminum alloy wheel packages available on the 2024 Subaru Solterra. The base model sports daring 5-spoke 18-inch wheels with aerodynamic covers. The Solterra equipped with the Luxury or Technology package features striking 10-spoke 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels with two-tone machine finish.

Images of 2024 Solterra allow wheels.
Close-up shot of 2024 Solterra standard LED headlight.

Standard LED Headlights

These LED headlights feature Automatic High Beam (AHB) functionality, which sees the high beams turn on automatically in low-light conditions and turn off when another vehicle is detected. The LED headlights cast a bright, white beam to help better illuminate the road and any obstacles in your path.

LED Fog Lights

Available with the Luxury and Technology packages, these LED fog lights cut through murky conditions, improve nighttime visibility and boost levels of active safety. Utilizing the latest in lighting technology, LED fog lights feature a brighter and broader beam for improved performance.

Close-up shot of 2024 Solterra LED fog light
Rear shot of 2024 Solterra driving on dirt road.
Features shown may not be available on all trim levels. Please refer to specifications for availability.

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