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Chiseled bold looks,
sculpted for performance

Chiseled bold looks, sculpted for performance

The all-new 2024 Subaru Impreza elevates the compact hatchback form with a bold and modern interpretation. From the striking scales of the front grille to the sleek roof-mounted spoiler, this uncommon 5-door packs advanced aerodynamics and sheer athletic good looks into one compelling package. Available options such as the side sill spoilers and striking alloy wheel designs ratchet up the excitement even more. The all-new Impreza is all about form, functionality and sheer grin-inducing fun.

A shot of 2024 Impreza power adjustable heated door mirror

Power-adjustable Heated Mirrors

These heated, power-adjustable and foldable side mirrors are positioned for maximum safety and aerodynamically sculpted to reduce wind noise. On models equipped with Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection (SRVD), the system LED indicators are set on the inside of the side mirrors’ housing to slash distortion and improve rearward visibility. On the Impreza Touring trim level and higher, the mirrors’ forward-facing surfaces also house the LED turn signals.

2024 Impreza retractable sunroof.

Power Sunroof

The available power sunroof brings a heightened sense of spaciousness to this surprisingly roomy compact 5-door hatchback. The sunroof slides or tilts open to allow sunshine and fresh air in, while the manual sunshade helps keep excess heat and the sun’s rays in check.

2024 Impreza travelling down a mountain road.


The all-new Impreza features more aerodynamic exterior styling, which reduces wind noise, improves stability and boosts fuel efficiency. With a sleek front grille, carved roofline and hatch-mounted spoiler, this compact hatchback cuts through the wind with ease. Available features including the streamlined side rocker panels and Active Grille Shutter boost aerodynamic efficiency even further.

A shot of 2024 Impreza LED fog light.

LED Fog Lights

Available on the Impreza Touring trim level and higher, these LED fog lights cast a whiter, brighter beam to better cut through murky driving conditions. The result: An uncommon sense of heightened safety and security, day or night, from dusk to dawn.

A shot of 2024 Impreza LED Steering Responsive Headlight.

Advanced LED Headlights

Standard on all versions of the all-new Impreza, the LED Steering Responsive Headlights (SRH) headlights are engineered with the latest technology to provide superior visibility in all driving conditions. The headlights automatically turn on in low-light and turn off when the ignition is turned off. When cornering, the SRH system keeps the LED beams’ angle in sync with the trajectory of the car. Another standard feature is High Beam Assist (HBA), which automatically switches the headlights from high beams to low in response to the traffic around you.

Rear shot of Impreza driving along a curvy mountain road.
Features shown may not be available on all trim levels. Please refer to specifications for availability.

Exterior Specifications