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Rugged athleticism to the core

Rugged athleticism to the core

From its muscular profile to its powerful stance, the 2020 Subaru Ascent is clearly a mid-size SUV designed to perform in extreme conditions and under extreme pressure. While the exterior design bears a strong resemblance to other vehicles in the Subaru fleet, it makes an even more rugged statement through sheer size and stature. From the bold front fascia on back, the Subaru Ascent is designed to make a lasting impression.

2020 Subaru Ascent Raised profile Roof Rails

Raised Profile Roof Rails

Engineered to bring increased versatility to what is already an unquestionably capable SUV, these roof rails are durable enough to support all types of cargo carriers. Despite their rugged construction, these roof rails are also streamlined to carve the wind, helping to ensure stellar fuel efficiency.

2020 Subaru Ascent Power Tailgate

Power Tailgate

This available power tailgate makes packing for a serious adventure quicker and easier than ever. A quick-release button on the key fob activates the tailgate, which also features a lock switch, auto-closure and auto-reverse that’s triggered the moment contact is made with anyone or anything. You can also set the opening height of the tailgate through the stop-position memory function.

2019 Subaru Large Panoramic Sunroof

Large Panoramic Sunroof

This available power sunroof features a double-panel design that allows in ample natural light while still preserving one of the largest headroom measurements in the segment. The front glass panel slides above the roof to allow in fresh air without encroaching into the passenger cabin. The fixed back panel features a retractable roller sunblind that provides shade for second-row passengers while ensuring an airy, spacious feeling for all.

2020 Subaru Ascent Substantial Ground Clearance

Substantial Ground Clearance

With a lofty 220 mm of ground clearance, the Ascent possesses genuine go-anywhere capability. Despite the ability to clear obstacles both large and small, this SUV also features supreme ride quality and comfort courtesy of the long-travel suspension system. These characteristics combine to create an authentic duality that’s perfectly suited to all types of road surfaces.

2019 Subaru Auto On/Off Headlights

Auto On/Off Headlights

These headlights automatically turn on under low-light conditions, such as at sunset or when driving through a tunnel, and turn off when the vehicle is turned off. The headlights also have a built-in welcome feature, switching on automatically when the doors are unlocked and triggering the interior lights to do the same. The Limited and Premier trim levels offer Steering Responsive Headlights with high-performance LEDs that cast a brighter, whiter beam and angle in the direction of the turn while cornering.

Subaru Ascent

Features shown may not be available on all trim levels. Please refer to specifications for availability.