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Introducing the safest Forester ever

An uncommon and uncompromising approach to safety underpins the development of the all-new 2025 Subaru Forester. All versions of the Forester now come standard with the latest-generation Subaru EyeSight® Driver-Assist system. This system is now fitted with a new third mono camera that detects potential hazards much quicker and more reliably. The new Emergency Stop Assist feature can bring the Forester to a complete stop if the driver is unresponsive or asleep while behind the wheel. This leading compact SUV also features exceptional visibility in all directions, while the Premier trim level includes a new 360-degree Surround View Monitor for an even better perspective. Other advanced features include Reverse Automatic Braking, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and the safety systems available as part of Subaru STARLINK® Connected Services.

Next-generation active safety systems

The all-new 2025 Subaru Forester comes furnished with world-class active safety systems as standard equipment. These include the legendary Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD system, Active Torque Vectoring, Traction Control, Vehicle Dynamics Control and award-winning EyeSight® Driver-Assist Technology. These systems are supported by superior visibility, a lower centre of gravity, real-world all-road/all-weather capability and striking agility. Select trim levels also feature another award-winning active safety system, the DriverFocus® Distraction Mitigation System. This uncompromising approach to active safety brings uncommon levels of driver confidence into sharp focus.

EyeSight Disclaimer Brief

EyeSight® is a driver assist system, which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions. The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors such as vehicle maintenance, and weather and road conditions. See Owner's Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations. Please remember to turn off EyeSight® when going through a car wash.


Illustration showing the excellent sightlines of the 2025 Forester

Superior Visibility, All Around

From the first generation on, the Subaru Forester has been designed with a generous glass area to allow drivers to see more. The all-new 2025 Forester continues the tradition with oversized windows and a large liftgate, as well as an A-pillar and partition windows integrated into the front doors to reduce blind spots to the bare minimum. In addition, the side mirrors, which feature a large glass area, are positioned on the door panels instead of the windows to further improve visibility forward and to the sides. Lastly, the classic high seating position on the Forester gives this compact SUV an uncommonly large view of the road ahead.

Standard Rearview Camera

When reversing, this standard rearview camera projects a clear image of what’s behind the vehicle onto the centre console screen. Additionally, a washer system helps ensure the camera lens is always clear of dirt, mud and grime. This indispensable camera brings new levels of safety into sharp focus.

Image of how the standard rearview camera works.
2025 Forester using standard EyeSight® scanning the road ahead.

Award-winning EyeSight® Driver-Assist Technology

Standard equipment on all trim levels, the fourth-generation version of the award-winning EyeSight® system is more effective than ever. The system features a new wide-angle mono camera, which dramatically improves its ability to detect obstacles or potential danger in the road ahead. Utilizing improved recognition software and control software, the new EyeSight® incorporates such features as Automatic Emergency Steering, Adaptive Cruise Control with Vehicle Hold, Emergency Stop Assist, Pre-Collision Braking, Pre-Collision Throttle Management, Lane Centring Assist, Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning, and Lead Vehicle Start Alert. When equipped with the EyeSight® system, previous versions of the Forester have earned the highest possible front-crash prevention ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Award-winning Subaru DriverFocus® – Distraction Mitigation System (DMS)

This award-winning system, exclusively available on the Limited and Premier trim levels, utilizes facial recognition software and a camera angled at the driver’s face to monitor fatigue or lack of attention. When the driver starts to show signs of losing focus, DriverFocus® sends out a helpful chime and an alert that appears on the instrument panel. The system can also store the preferences for the positioning of the driver power seat and side mirrors, the climate control settings and the multi-function display readouts for up to five different drivers. DMS can also read hand gestures to adjust climate control settings to the preferred levels, a function that enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

DriverFocus™ on 2025 Forester Limited – Premier.
Image showing how Subaru Rear Side Vehicle (SRVD) works.

Awareness-boosting SRVD System

Available on the Forester Touring and above, the Subaru Rear/Side Vehicle Detection system (SRVD) provides three different and important benefits to the driver. Through lights positioned on the side mirror housing, the Blind Spot Detection function warns of vehicles travelling in blind spots. When changing lanes, the Lane Change Assist function alerts you to fast-approaching vehicles coming up from behind. And when reversing out of a parked position, Rear Cross Traffic Alert signals the driver of any vehicles or pedestrians approaching from either side.

Confidence-inspiring Reverse Automatic Braking

When reversing, this critical safety system automatically applies the brakes when the risk of colliding with someone or something behind the vehicle is high. The system also features an obstruction warning feature, which utilizes different alarm patterns to signal when the vehicle is coming closer to the obstruction. Reverse Automatic Braking is available on the Touring trim level and above.

Image showing how Reverse Automatic Braking works.
Illustration showing how High Beam Assist works.

Safe and Effective High Beam Assist (HBA)

Standard on all versions of the all-new Forester, HBA automatically switches the high beams on and off according to the proximity of other vehicles. When the system detects an oncoming vehicle or you are closing the distance to the vehicle travelling in front of you, the high beams automatically switch off. When other vehicles are far enough away, the high beams switch on again. Simple, effective and super-safe.

Corner-illuminating Steering Responsive Headlights

Also standard across the entire 2025 Forester model range, these headlights automatically turn in the direction the steering wheel is turned. This feature helps better illuminate the road ahead, even when that road isn’t straight, generating increased visibility and safety to even the most challenging of driving situations.

Close crop image showing the LED Steering Responsive Headlight.
2025 Forester on a wet slippery road.

High-performance Braking System

The braking system is the final line of defence, so it’s a critical safety element. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the all-new Forester incorporates the latest technology to generate increased responsiveness and, in turn, uncommon driver confidence. The Electronic Brake-force Distribution feature automatically optimizes the brake pressure, front to back, according to different vehicle loads. When the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal are applied at the same time, Brake Override automatically cuts engine power. In emergency situations, Brake Assist automatically boosts stopping power to shorten braking distances. Lastly, the electronic brake booster has been enhanced to improve the effectiveness of the Pre-Collision Braking feature of the Subaru EyeSight® system.

Next-generation Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)

Standard on all trim levels, VDC utilizes multiple sensors to monitor vehicle dynamics, assess driving conditions and determine whether the vehicle is under control. When the sensors detect the Forester is approaching the limits of stability, the system automatically adjusts the AWD torque distribution, engine output and braking force at each wheel to counteract the situation. The Active Torque Vectoring system, incorporated into VDC, applies brake pressure to the inside front wheel and sends engine torque to the outside front wheel to aid in cornering. These advanced systems create the feeling of added security and increased confidence under even the trickiest of driving conditions.

VDC is also known as electronic stability control.

Illustration showing how Vehicle Dynamics Control works.

Increased safety measures for a safer drive

Historically, the Subaru Forester has been one of the strongest and safest compact SUVs on the planet—the all-new 2025 version is even better. Reengineered from the ground up, the latest Forester features a new and tougher version of the Subaru Global Platform, an ultra-strong frame and a vast range of other advanced passive safety systems. In the event that a collision proves unavoidable, all of these systems work in concert to create a suit of armour that protects all occupants, minimizing the chance of injury and securing greater peace of mind.

Image showing the advanced ring-shaped reinforcement frame.

Proprietary Advanced Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame

Over the years, this proprietary advanced frame design has been improved to absorb more impact energy and divert more energy away from the passenger compartment, providing ever-stronger levels of protection. This latest version incorporates more high-tensile strength materials, creating stronger joints and a superior structure overall. The revised crumple zone provides superior protection in the event of a frontal impact. And new ultra-tough bumper beams and a reinforced counterforce support provide protection in all types of collisions, including a rollover.

Image showing where the airbags are.

Fast-acting Supplemental Restraints and Airbags

The all-new Forester comes standard with a full range of supplemental restraints and airbags to better protect you and your passengers. The comprehensive list of equipment includes dual-stage deployment front airbags, front seat-mounted side-impact airbags, and side-curtain airbags with rollover sensors for front seat and rear outboard occupants. Also included are a driver’s knee airbag and a new front passenger seat cushion airbag.

Image showing how the active headrest reduces whiplash injuries.

Seats and Seatbelts Engineered to Perform

The redesigned front seats are engineered to raise levels of protection to new heights. The seats incorporate ultra-strong frames, an energy-absorbing mounting, and active headrests to reduce the chance of whiplash. The front and rear outboard seatbelts feature pretensioners to hold occupants in place, while load limiters ease peak forces to the chest area. The front seatbelts can be adjusted for height, and the front lap belts feature a locking tongue system to better restrain occupants and reduce the chance of injury. In the back seats, the lower anchor bars of the ISO FIX/LATCH system are positioned for easy access and to protect younger passengers riding in compatible child safety seats. All trim levels also come equipped with the Rear Seatbelt Reminder and Rear Seat Reminder.

Image showing how the break-away engine design works.

Drop-down Break-away Engine and Transmission

In the event of a frontal collision, the SUBARU BOXER® engine and Lineartronic® CVT are designed to first absorb as much impact energy as possible, then break away from the vehicle structure entirely. Disconnected from the structure, the engine and transmission then drop down to the ground to ensure they don’t encroach into the passenger cabin.

Features shown may not be available on all trim levels. Please refer to specifications for availability.