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Quality engineering for reliability and durability

The Subaru Forester has been an engaging and popular SUV right from the get-go—and this fifth-generation model adds to the reputation. Built on the Subaru Global Platform, stiffer and more rigid than the previous platform, the Forester leads the way in terms of strength, safety and stability, allowing for more precise tuning of the suspension system. The powerful and efficient SUBARU BOXER® engine is linked to an equally efficient and smooth Lineartronic® CVT. The Forester also features the world-famous Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD system and, on certain models, a dual-function version of X-MODE®. The Subaru Forester Wilderness™ continues into 2024 with a transmission engineered to tackle bigger towing challenges and even more ambitious adventures.

The legendary SUBARU BOXER® engine

The naturally aspirated 2.5L SUBARU BOXER® 4-cylinder is lighter than the previous engine and incorporates direct injection for superior horsepower, torque, driveability and fuel efficiency. All trim levels are equipped with the SI-DRIVE® engine management system with the eco-friendly Intelligent (I) mode. Most trim levels also feature the Sport (S) mode, while the Sport and Wilderness™ trim levels feature the Sport Sharp (S#) mode for superior responsiveness. This advanced engine management system places control in the driver’s hands and helps to extract maximum performance, efficiency and sheer fun at all times.

Cutaway image of a Subaru BOXER® engine
Cutaway image of Forester showing transmission and Symmetrical Full-Time AWD system.

Lineartronic® CVT + Symmetrical Full-Time AWD

The Forester comes equipped with a well-engineered and efficient Lineartronic® CVT that’s been tuned to showcase the strengths of the SUBARU BOXER® and the Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD system. This design delivers predictable handling at all times and under all conditions, shifting engine torque to the wheels with grip under hard acceleration or in low-traction conditions. Available paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel and the optional manual shift mode deliver even more control and crisp response. The Forester Wilderness™ comes equipped with a CVT oil cooler to boost towing capacity and tackle more rugged adventures.

Closeup of the dual-function X-MODE® controller.

Next-generation X-MODE®

The Forester line features two versions of the advanced X-MODE® system, which allows you to tackle the steepest of inclines with increased confidence. On the standard version, the dial controls the operation of the VDC and X-MODE system. On the available dual-function version, this dial lets you select between two settings tailored to specific driving conditions—namely, snow/dirt and deep snow/mud. The dual-function X-MODE is available on the Sport model trim and above.

Hill Descent Control

With either version of the X-MODE® system activated, Hill Descent Control automatically maintains a constant driver-selectable speed when driving down steep hills. With the Hill Descent Control system controlling the speed and braking, the driver is free to focus on steering and negotiating curves in the road ahead.

Illustration showing how Hill Decent Control works.
Close up of the Auto Vehicle Hold button.

Auto Vehicle Hold (AVH)

Standard on all trim levels, Auto Vehicle Hold automatically holds the Forester in place when stopped—for example, at traffic lights. This feature helps reduce driver fatigue, ensures that every start on a steep incline is free from concerns of rolling backwards and helps reduce the chance of incidents occurring at intersections.

Rock-solid chassis engineered for adventure

The fifth-generation Forester features a lightweight, super-strong chassis that delivers superior levels of handling, stability, comfort and quietness. The track is wide to create a planted feel and the fully independent suspension system has been designed for increased refinement. The Forester also features a quick steering ratio, impressive ground clearance and impressive capability overall, making this authentic SUV equally at home on twisty tarmac or along a cottage trail. The Forester Wilderness™ features higher ground clearance and a revised suspension system geared towards more uncommon adventures.

Image of the Subaru Global Platform frame and chassis.

Subaru Global Platform

The Subaru Global Platform (SGP) is incredibly strong and rigid, the result of an advanced design and the liberal use of high-tensile materials throughout. The design helps reduce vibrations and resonance felt in the body, floor, seats and steering wheel—and sets the stage for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The SGP is also engineered to better absorb impact energy coming from all directions. All of these qualities, combined with the well-tuned suspension system and low centre of gravity, give the Forester precise steering, superior straight-line stability, responsive handling and impressive safety overall.

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Subaru Global Platform
Image of the front suspension.

Front Suspension

The proven MacPherson® front strut-type suspension system has been tuned to provide superior stability, direct response and essential feedback to the driver. The k-shaped cross members, more commonly found on sports cars, slashes lateral forces and vibration. This suspension design works well with the generous ground clearance and wide track to give the Forester crisp steering, remarkable handling and genuine go-anywhere capability. For the Forester Wilderness™ and its higher ground clearance, the suspension has been further tuned to preserve these characteristics.

Image of the rear suspension.

Rear Suspension

This double-wishbone suspension system has been designed to reduce vibration, increase stability and boost control overall. More rigid than before and featuring a rear stabilizer bar mounted directly to the body, this design slashes body roll by 50% compared to the previous-generation model. Expertly balancing sporty handling with sheer refinement, the Forester handles rough roads and sharp corners with equal poise and precision. On the Forester Wilderness™, the rear suspension system has been custom-calibrated to accommodate its higher ground clearance and more off-road ready nature.

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