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Uncommon engineering, class-leading results

In developing the Subaru Legacy GT, the engineering team considered everything from every angle. The Subaru Global Platform sets the stage for sharper handling and improved stability overall. This is aided by the sport-tuned steering and fully independent suspension system for better dynamic response. The SUBARU BOXER® engine is more advanced, more efficient and more fun. Now more than ever, the Legacy GT stands apart from the crowd, delivering unmatched levels of precision, all-road/all-weather capability and confidence-inspiring performance.

Higher-performing SUBARU BOXER® engine

The 2024 Subaru Legacy GT comes equipped with the compelling SUBARU BOXER® engine. The direct-injection turbocharged 2.4-litre 4-cylinder is connected to a high-torque CVT to create class-leading levels of performance. This engine incorporates the latest weight-saving measures and advanced technologies to boost efficiency, improve acceleration and heighten driver engagement.

Cut away image of 4 cylinder Subaru BOXER® engine.
Image of 2.4L Subaru turbocharged BOXER® engine.

2.4L 4-cylinder



Dual Overhead Cam

260 hp @ 5600 rpm

277 lb-ft @ 2000-4800 rpm

Active Valve Control System

Meets LEV3 standards

Fuel Economy

Automatic Transmission (CVT)


City / Hwy

(L/100 km)


City / Hwy

(Imperial MPG)

Graphic showing Symmetrical AWD.

Transmission + Symmetrical AWD

The Subaru Legacy GT is fitted with the performance tuned, high-torque Lineartronic® CVT and paired with the turbocharged 2.4-litre 4-cylinder. This transmission has been refined for greater efficiency, reduced noise and heightened driveability. The drivetrain is fully integrated with the Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD system to create unsurpassed levels of control and confidence under all possible conditions. This drivetrain gives the Legacy GT the superior performance of a full-time AWD vehicle with the fuel-efficiency of a front-wheel drive vehicle.

A masterclass in strength and performance

Built on the Subaru Global Platform , the chassis is characterized by greater strength, reduced noise, reduced harshness and heightened safety overall. The use of more high-tensile steel in key areas has created greater torsional stiffness compared to the previous chassis. These measures allow the responsive suspension system to create even better handling properties, including less body roll, crisper response and higher levels of confidence-inspiring control.

Undershot of the Subaru global platform.

Front Suspension

The renowned MacPherson® front strut-type suspension system gives the 2024 Subaru Legacy GT better dynamic response overall. The addition of a k-shaped cross-member brace—a design usually only found on high-performance sports and luxury cars—helps create a greater connection to the road. This sport-tuned front suspension design, combined with the wide track and low centre of gravity, give the Legacy GT crisp steering, remarkable handling and a surprisingly composed ride on all types of surfaces.

Rear Suspension

The sport-tuned double-wishbone rear suspension is engineered to reduce noise and vibration, while increasing stability and better handling performance. The rear stabilizer bar is mounted directly to the body of the Legacy GT instead of through rubber bushings, which slashes body roll by 50%. The entire system provides more rigidity, which produces a comfortable ride that absorbs imperfections in the road easily, yet still creates a genuinely sporty edge. This suspension system also maintains its compact design, so it doesn’t encroach into the cargo area.

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