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Hybrid technology without the compromises

In the beginning, the goal was simply to blend together lower emissions, better fuel-efficiency and the Subaru symmetrical drivetrain. The outcome, the Subaru Hybrid System, is just what you might expect from Subaru. A compelling list of environmental benefits. And a vehicle that does not sacrifice on go-anywhere capability, real-world versatility and honest-to-goodness fun behind the wheel . This is the very definition of capability with a conscience.

Why it fits and how it fits

Adding an electric motor and a stack of batteries to the Subaru symmetrical drivetrain was a challenge for the engineers. The goal was to maintain a similar weight distribution compared to the non-hybrid version, preserve the same low centre of gravity and fine-tune the suspension system to deliver comparable driving dynamics. The net result of fusing together two compact motors, a powerful battery pack and the legendary Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD system: Mission accomplished.


The Subaru Hybrid System features a 2.0L 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER engine. This proven performer has been revised to better complement the hybrid drivetrain, with a modified compression ratio and reduced friction levels combining to reduce both engine noise and fuel consumption.

2. Electric motor

The Subaru Hybrid System incorporates a high-performance electric motor that is designed to accommodate all-electric driving in EV mode or to work in conjunction with the gasoline engine in motor assist mode. The electric motor is also used to quickly and efficiently recharge the high voltage battery through regenerative braking. Of course, incorporating such a motor also enables reduced emissions.

3. Hybrid Lineartronic™ CVT

The Hybrid Lineartronic™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) has been engineered to retain the inherent benefits of the Lineartronic CVT, while optimizing the performance of the Subaru Hybrid System. The result of this revolutionary design is class-leading fuel-efficiency, reduced emissions, strong and linear response, and the added satisfaction that comes from using the 6-speed manual mode with paddle shifters.

4. Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD

The transmission is linked to a multi-plate transfer clutch AWD system that maintains a 60/40 front/rear torque split under normal driving conditions. When conditions change, a range of sensors triggers the system to automatically adjust this split on-the-fly, creating more predictable handling.

5. Battery pack

The battery pack is a compact unit that consists of a nickel-metal hydride battery, inverter/converter and other high-voltage components, with everything mounted under the luggage compartment floor. This design ensures that hybrid models have comparable interior space to their non-hybrid counterparts and they are just as versatile and easy to use.

6. Symmetrical hybrid drivetrain

The SUBARU BOXER engine, Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD, electric motor, Hybrid Lineartronic CVT and battery pack are all strategically aligned along the centreline of the vehicle and placed low in the chassis. This layout preserves a low centre of gravity, while ensuring efficient power delivery, superior balance and sporty handling.


More eco-friendly

The Subaru Hybrid System enables the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid to be one of the cleanest-burning AWD hybrid crossovers in North America — and the first to be certified a 100% Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT PZEV). Built in a zero-landfill plant, the Crosstrek Hybrid produces zero emissions in EV mode and ultra-low smog-forming emissions in every other mode.

Less thirsty

In city driving, the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is approximately 16% more efficient than the non-hybrid version — it’s also more fuel-efficient than the average AWD compact crossover. (There is no downside here.)

Fuel Consumption Ratings

7.9 / 6.9

City / Hwy

(L/100 km)

36 / 41

City / Hwy

(Imperial MPG)

Equally dynamic

A no-compromises approach in the development of the Subaru Hybrid System has ensured superior agility and genuine go-anywhere capability, qualities that are not often found in hybrid vehicles. The hybrid delivers the same nimble, stable and spirited driving experience as the non-hybrid version, regardless of road conditions.

How it works wonders

The brilliance of the Subaru Hybrid System is that it doesn’t alter the characteristics of the vehicle — it drives just like any other Subaru. The secret is the seamless nature of the hybrid technology. Apart from the distinct badges, dedicated gauges and the incredible quietness when in EV mode, you might never guess that this is a hybrid at all.


Pressing the push-button start fires up the SUBARU BOXER engine and prepares the Hybrid System for optimal performance right from the get-go.

Motor assist

The electric motor and the SUBARU BOXER engine work in perfect harmony when accelerating and cruising to provide the driving force; together, they produce a quicker and more fuel-efficient response than a similar displacement engine alone.

Automatic stop/start system

This fuel-saving technology sees the gas engine stop when the vehicle is at rest with the brake pedal applied. Depending on how quickly brakes are released or how much power is applied, the vehicle will automatically move forward by restarting the gasoline engine or continuing to cruise in EV mode.

Engine driving below 80 km/h

After sustained acceleration or long periods of urban driving, the SUBARU BOXER engine provides the driving force and recharges the battery at the same time.

Engine driving above 80 km/h

When the battery pack is fully charged or when driving at speeds of over 80 km/h the SUBARU BOXER engine provides most of the driving force and produces impressive power while burning fuel most efficiently.


When coasting or decelerating, the kinetic energy regeneration system recaptures energy from the turning wheels to recharge the battery pack, extending the EV driving range.

EV mode

Under gentle acceleration and while driving at less than 42 km/h, the electric motor draws power from the battery pack to provide all the driving force. This mode works well in urban environments and when driving slowly in parking lots, the times when gasoline-powered vehicles are particularly inefficient


Once you’ve reached your destination, your vehicle operates like any other. Simply put your vehicle in park and press the push-button start to turn the engine off.