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About Subaru

The Subaru philosophy — building confidence in motion

The Subaru philosophy and brand statement, “Confidence in Motion,” speaks to who we are, what we believe and where we intend to go. Not coincidentally, it also speaks to who our customers are and why they choose to drive a Subaru — it unites them with all members of the Subaru team and everyone who has a stake in our brand. Confidence has been a key ingredient in every Subaru model ever built and the meaning behind our brand promise “Confidence in Motion” is and has always been the heart and soul of our company.

Blend in more than a little passion and you get a line of vehicles that has been designed from the ground up and from the very beginning to deliver superior all-road/all-weather performance. A line of vehicles that extracts the most benefit possible from over 50 years of experience in developing the legendary SUBARU BOXER engine and over 40 years of fine-tuning the Subaru symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system. A line that delivers an inspired combination of safety, performance, reliability and adventurous spirit.

This philosophy and this passion have combined to create a completely unique niche manufacturer, one with unrivalled customer loyalty. But no matter how far we travel, how big we grow, or how we adapt to evolving circumstances and new challenges, we will never stray from this statement. We will always deliver “Confidence in Motion.”