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A tradition for meticulous and unique engineering was in full force during the development of the Subaru BRZ. The goal was to produce authentic sports car performance by combining a classic rear-wheel drive configuration, an aerodynamically sculpted shape, the lowest possible centre of gravity and the lightest possible construction. The result is a beautiful sports car—and the beauty is more than skin deep.

2020 Subaru BRZ superior stability

Low-profile, Wide Body, Aerodynamic Design

Acres of style, even more substance: Some might think that the Subaru BRZ was designed for looks alone, but its low-slung body is aerodynamically sculpted to slice through the wind and create superior stability. The wide stance and wheels placed right at the corners creates a compelling picture from any angle and the performance to match.

2020 Subaru BRZ LED Headlights and Accent Lighting

LED Headlights and Accent Lighting

The fully automatic lighting system on the Subaru BRZ incorporates the signature C-shaped LED accent lights, LED headlights and integrated turn signals for optimum performance. Other standard features on the Subaru BRZ includes welcome lighting and a wiper-activated headlight system.

2018 Subaru BRZ 17-inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels

17-inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels

These lightweight and highly rigid alloy wheels help to create the superior handling characteristics that are critical for supreme sports car performance. The distinctive design with extremely slim spokes boosts brake-cooling efficiency, another key aspect of the authentic sports car experience.

Subaru BRZ produces the lowest possible centre of gravity.
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