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Subaru Tire Experts

Get a better grip

Driving conditions in Canada can go from one extreme to the other, from whiteouts in winter to blistering heat in the summer. Choosing the right tire for the conditions will help you take your Subaru almost anywhere you want to go—safely, securely and with increased performance. When it comes to equipping your vehicle to handle whatever Mother Nature has in store, no one has more expertise than the Subaru Tire Experts. As the specialists who know your Subaru inside and out, we’ll ensure you get the right tire for the right Subaru at the right price.

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Tires for any Adventure

Subaru Tire Experts - Sumer


Engineered for superior performance at temperatures above 7ºC, summer tires provide excellent grip on dry pavement and displace water with surprising efficiency in the wet.

Subaru Tire Experts - All Season

All Season

These tires are optimized for the best all-around performance in the widest variety of weather conditions. When temperatures are cool, all-season tires offer better performance than summer tires; when the mercury rises into double digits, they perform better than winter tires.

Subaru Tire Experts - Winter


Winter tires are strongly recommended for all road conditions when temperatures fall below 7ºC. The softer rubber compounds and deeper tread patterns combine to give winter tires the most traction possible across ice- and snow-covered roads.

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