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Engineered to raise the bar

When the engineers at Subaru first conceived of the BRZ, they began with a clean sheet of paper. When it was time to tackle the second-generation model, they took what was so successful the first time around and elevated everything to new heights. The process involved a new SUBARU BOXER® engine, updated transmissions, new suspension and steering systems—everything calibrated to work within the second-generation design. The result is a Subaru—and a sports car that’s been engineered to outperform more than ever.

The low-profile, high-revving SUBARU BOXER®

The naturally aspirated 2.4L SUBARU BOXER® 4-cylinder incorporates the latest technology, including direct and port fuel injection, to deliver free-revving performance and remarkable efficiency. Although this engine has similar dimensions and weight compared to the previous BRZ engine, it delivers more horsepower overall and higher torque in all RPM ranges. The new engine generates 228 horsepower (at 7,000 rpm) as compared to 205 horsepower for the previous engine, an increase of some 11 per cent. Torque has also increased, from 156 lb-ft to 184 lb-ft (at 3,700 rpm), a gain of almost 18 per cent. The result: A sports car engine with a 7,500-rpm redline that sounds like a mechanical symphony, rewards you with sharp acceleration and ensures sheer joy behind the wheel.

2023 Subaru BRZ SUBARU BOXER® engine
2023 Subaru BRZ


2.4L 4-cylinder

Direct and port fuel injection

228 hp @ 7000 rpm

184 lb-ft @ 3700 rpm

Active Valve Control System

Meets LEV 3 standards

2023 Subaru BRZ BRZ (AT)

Fuel Economy

Manual Transmission (6MT)


City / Hwy

(L/100 km)


City / Hwy

(Imperial MPG)

Automatic Transmission (6AT)


City / Hwy

(L/100 km)


City / Hwy

(Imperial MPG)

Transmissions + RWD

The optimal sports car drivetrain is given a boost here by the choice of two performance-oriented transmissions. Both the 6-speed Manual Transmission (6MT) and 6-speed Automatic Transmission (6AT) have been engineered to efficiently transfer the increased power to the rear wheels, ensuring a smooth, seamless and quick driving experience. The transmissions are also ideally positioned and mounted low in the chassis to ensure near-perfect weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity overall.

2023 Subaru BRZ 6-speed Manual Transmission (6MT)

6-speed Manual Transmission (6MT)

This short-throw transmission has been designed to accommodate the increased power and torque from the 2.4L SUBARU BOXER® engine. Other enhancements to the 6MT include increased gear strength, better pedal resistance when operating the clutch, and lighter and smoother shifting action. The intuitive positioning of the shift lever allows for quick operation, while the overall feel of the linkage is one of solidity and precision. The first five gears provide the thrills, while sixth is a true overdrive gear for heightened fuel efficiency.

2023 Subaru BRZ 6-speed Automatic Transmission (6AT)

6-speed Automatic Transmission (6AT)

This slick transmission has been strengthened to support the higher engine output of the second generation BRZ. The 6AT also shifts faster than ever, the result of more clutch plates used in the design and revised adaptive software that responds to driver inputs more rapidly. The transmission comes with paddle shifters, automatic throttle blipping on downshifts, and a Sport setting and Manual Mode that are 30% more responsive than Normal Mode. For increased control in wintry conditions, there’s also a Snow setting.

Engineered for the twists and turns

The key to any true sports car is not acceleration or top speed—the key is balance. Striking the perfect balance relies on the engineering team’s ability to land on the ideal power-to-weight ratio and the optimum suspension tuning, thereby ensuring the car is a natural extension of the driver. A chassis engineered for perfect balance is the starting point for a car designed for sheer driving pleasure.

2023 Subaru BRZ Lightweight Body

Lightweight Body

The goal in developing the Subaru BRZ was to build a lightweight sports car with an ultra-low centre of gravity, quick steering, tremendous strength and a superior power-to-weight ratio. This goal was achieved by positioning the drivetrain low in the chassis, constructing the hood, front fenders and roof from aluminum and using lightweight, high-tensile strength steel for most of the body.

2023 Subaru BRZ Front Suspension & Rear Suspension

Front Suspension

A popular choice for sports cars of all types, the MacPherson® strut front suspension system helps create superior driving dynamics. For the BRZ, the system features lighter-weight materials, revised spring rates and improved damping characteristics, all engineered to secure better steering response. A rebound spring is also placed inside the struts to reduce body roll and increase control.

Rear Suspension

The focus for the rear suspension begins with a more rigid subframe designed to handle the increased power and torque of its engine. A rear stabilizer mounted directly to the chassis, retuned springs and shock absorbers with improved damping characteristics, have been added to give the 2023 BRZ more composure, increased stability and more intuitive handling overall.